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 Gryddius Kalamadeas

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PostSubject: Gryddius Kalamadeas   Sun Sep 23, 2007 4:28 pm

The "High Father" of Dragins and Dragonkin, also called the "WyrmLord." He is the oldest of his kind. Gryddius often states that dragons were the first and only race to actually live in this world. He also is known for saying that this "is my world, everyone else just lives in it."

Gryddius, unlike other dragons, has the ability to create more of his kind from nearly anything, and refuses to allow humans to "degrade" him by riding him as would any other dragon allow.

Gryddius has a great hatred for Elves, as they once tried to wipe dragons off the face of the earth, and sees humans as inferior. He is the father of "Diva," also called Lucia, and is very protective pf her. His ultimate goal is to restore Dragons to the throne in heaven, reclaiming what was taken from them.
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Gryddius Kalamadeas
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