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 Gabriel Valandres

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Character Info.
Name: Valandres
Race: Human
Age: Unknown( appears in mid-20's)

PostSubject: Gabriel Valandres   Thu Sep 20, 2007 6:38 am

Physical appearance-
Deep brillient blue eyes,Platinum blonde hair,somewhat tanned skin, Rose like lips,His voive deep with a calming yet harsh tone.Stands around 6'2 228 pounds.His clothing and/or armor change to often so i wont post them.

Wielder of Blackwand,Ruler of the Valdyrian empire before his disappeance, once General to Cecil de Leonhart before his journy to Agahim, friend and once slayer of Lucia Leviath, The forsaken,The list goes on but one that has never changed and never will is the wielder of Blackwand.

the obsidian colored blade resembling something of a great sword at most times but has changed its appeance on its own at times.the only colors depicted on the blade is a two blood colorexd stones with an emerald center.A blade with a mind of its own ;strong-willed, Femanine, often curiously anxious,these are but 3 distinct qualities Blackwand possesses.Valandres sometimes wields the blade on his side reaching the his ankle in length.others he sometimes draws the blade from no where in whisps of silvery smoke.
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Gabriel Valandres
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