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 <<Richard Lorenz (Dai)>>

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Character Info.
Name: Richard Lorenz (Dai)
Age: incalculable

PostSubject: <<Richard Lorenz (Dai)>>   Mon Sep 10, 2007 12:15 pm

A legendary Aria lord who has long since taken on the role of a phoenix lord. He was Mathias and Adrian's closest friend. He was revered among his people, like Mathias, for killing a Methuselah.

After Mathias left, Richard travelled to Tarabon, where he met a dying phoenix lord. The lord asked Richard, as a last request, to take his place as Lord of the Phoenixes. Richard accepted, taking on Dai's name, and, using the Sun Crystal, took Dai's powers.

Since, Richard has lived as Dai, even using Dai's magicks to father two half-phoenix children with Marisol. Often, he sends Dai's powers, in physical form, to deal with any problems that may come up.

Recently, Richard has been leaving Tarabon, claiming to be dealing with rogue Phoeixes. Many suspect that he is not doing as he says, and rumors are rising up everywhere about what is relly going on, and who he really is, but no one will actually say anything.

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<<Richard Lorenz (Dai)>>
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