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 <<Mathias Cronquist>>

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Character Info.
Name: Mathias Cronquist
Age: incalculable

PostSubject: <<Mathias Cronquist>>   Mon Sep 10, 2007 12:01 pm

A legend among his people, Mathias is the only Aria to ever slay a Methuselah (Vampyre gods). He is often used as the main protagonist in Vampyric Legends, and is often the center of many Vampyric Religions.

Long ago, Mathias located three jewels that were instantly absorbed into his body. One allowed him to retain his youthful appearance, one gave him power beyond imagination, and one gave him the ability to shroud the entire land in eternal darkness.

After finding these jewels, Mathias used them to slay Abel, the Methuselah who had taken control of the Aria Nations. Mathias, an old friend of Adrian, then led a revolt against every Methuselah in Ulaine and Ura. Mathias vanished before the last Methuselah fell, but he was credited with its slaying.

Myths and legends say that Mathias ascended, but in truth he left Argentum. Mathias travelled through the Planar Barrier into a world he called Ero, "Earth." In this world, Mathias created Vampyres. He later became a figure of many myths in this world as well, but he remained unknown in appearance.

Mathias remained in this world for untold eons, building a vast Empire from his many businesses. Two years ago Mathias sensed the Ai blowing, which also affected his world. Temperatures began to change in that world, and many storms and earthquakes struck the lands. Mathias knew the only way to stop the disturbance was to return to Argentum and restore the balance.

Hidden away in one of Mathias' compounds, the gate was brought to the Aria lord turned C.E.O. Many people had long since believed that Mathias (and his son's who often looked just like him) were very interested in ancient artifacts, so no one questioned him.

Mathais then told everyone that he planned to go on a trip, and left his company in the capable hands of Lydie, who had come through twenty years before, and passed through the gateway.

Once in this world, Mathias learned the cause of the disturbance: Lucia had been killed by the Ai, and her body split into two beings. One had died and gone to the netherworld, and one still lived. Mathias knew that this was the cause of the disturbance, and decided to either revive the dead half, or kill the living.

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<<Mathias Cronquist>>
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