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 <<Adrian Farenheights Tepes (Nero Cataled)>>

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PostSubject: <<Adrian Farenheights Tepes (Nero Cataled)>>   Mon Sep 10, 2007 11:29 am

Adrian is the older brother of Alucard, but is half-human. He refused his throne and chose instead to follow Lucia, whom he loves with all his heart. Adrian despises his father, who left him and his mother to live with Alucard's mother. As a result of this, Adrian despises Alucard as well, and often fights, all out, with his younger brother. Known for his immense power, and intelligence, Adrian secured a place as one of the Four Elders of the Senin Council.

Adrian is Lucia's favorite Chevalier (follower), and he often goes out of his way to please her. Two years ago, Adrian was sent to Rhomaria to keep the peace, but, for the first time in his life, disobeyed Lucia and followed her to Furiae. Adrian witnessed Lucia's death, and hunted down every last rebel who had served under Shirah, searching for the Rebel Priestess. Once he managed to find Shirah, he nearly killed her, but was stopped when a strange blast killed her before his blade pierced her heart.

Adrian later found Lucia's coveted blade: Harbinger, who accepted him as its temporary wielder. Nero since took on the role of Leader of the Imperial Resistance (Those followers of Lucia who still refuse Ramrod's rule of Harad). Adrian continues to search for a way to revive his Empress, and love.
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<<Adrian Farenheights Tepes (Nero Cataled)>>
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