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 <<Sara Belmont (Lucia's Good Side)>>

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PostSubject: <<Sara Belmont (Lucia's Good Side)>>   Mon Sep 10, 2007 11:19 am

Born after the death of the fully restored Lucia, Sara grew of age at an accelerated rate. Long ago she was Alucard's wife, but was murdered by rival Aria.

After Sara's Death she lived in the Netherworld for many years,until Lucia's dark side came and retrieved her. Once free from the netherworld Sara was absorbed into Lucia, making the Empress whole once again.

Inside of Lucia, Sara fought relentlessly against Seth (Lucia's Darkside) for domination. The fight was endless, as neither could ever run out of power, or stamina. Both aspects recieved dangerous wounds, Sara's being fatal. When the Ai blew, both Sara and Seth broke away from Lucia, but Seth still perished, and Sara managed to escape to the Jade Empire.

In the Jade Empire Sara took the name Koyuki, and acted the part of a priestess, regaining her lost powers. Sara waited for two years, biding her time until she could regain her full power. ((Even though Sara is Lucia's good side, she is still way way evil)) Once her power returned, Sara left the Jade Empire, destroying the entire province that had acted as her home.

Sara now seeks to reunite, in presence not body, with Seth, and take back the lands that were stolen from them.
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<<Sara Belmont (Lucia's Good Side)>>
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