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 Zhou Mai and Zhou Yue

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PostSubject: Zhou Mai and Zhou Yue   Tue Jun 12, 2007 11:52 am

Often mistaken for her sister, Zhou Yue (Lucia), Zhou Mai was forced to prove her differences from Yue. Though her twin, Mai never had the martial abilities of Yue, but instead was given an inhuman grasp of Jutsu and magics. Unlike her sister, Mai uses her powers as a last resort only, preferring to fight hand to hand. Mai's ability to read enemies moves and abilities gives her a major edge on her competition.

She once served in the Jade Empire alongside Yue and Zhen Tao, but was struck in the eye by an arrow and was taken away by Yue. She later recovered, but learned that Zhen Tao had taken his own life in grief over the loss of her, his one true love. Since, Mai has never fallen in love with anyone, nor proclaimed love for anyone save her sister.

The two travelled far and wide together, training under the greatest masters of all time, meanwhile sending Shades or Shadow Clones out into the world to play different roles for them. After three thousand years of training non-stop, the sisters became the foremost masters of martial and weapon combat. Known far and wide as The Rising Phoenix and the Fledgling Dragon, the sisters never knew anonymity.

It was not until five thousand years ago that their skills were truly useful to a cause. During a trip through ancient Harad they came upon a man, lone and starving in the desert and suffering from a scorpion sting. The two nursed the man back to health and later learned of his plans to unite all of baria under his family. Honored to receive a request to join him by the sisters, the man welcomed them into his court with open arms.

Proclaimed the greatest of his generals, the sisters defeated many opposing warlords for the great king, uniting all of Harad under his rule. Eventually, the King would conquer all of Baria and many nations all across the world. King Sala Al-Din Yusuf became the most powerful king of his time, but he still retained a major problem with his rule. many nations could not pronounce the king's name, so it was Yue and Mai who had him change his name to Saladin Symon Magus. This new name would become part of legend as the greatest family name of all time.

Both Yue and Mai joined the family as honored members, Lucia and Luara. Still a force to be reckoned with, the two ensured that the land remained free from outside influences, but they were unable to stop Savonrola from assassinating Saladin. After this failure, Yue and Mai inherited Harad and all of its territories save Rhomaria. Now the new rulers of the most powerful of Agahim's superpowers, Mai and Yue ushered in a golden age in the new empire.
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Zhou Mai and Zhou Yue
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