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PostSubject: Genji   Sat Jun 09, 2007 8:03 pm

-------((As Genji))-------
Born a noble in the Jade Empire, Genji was pampered during her early years, but she soon grew tired of her life in the Jade Empire and fled to an unknown location. She was not spotted for over four years, at the age of ten. It was then when Genji began tutelage under Karibe Hyuuga, alongside Altin and Kaori.

-----((As TENBU))-------

Lady Kitsune, Genji's TENBU name, joined the TENBU at an early age, only ten at the time, and quickly rose in the ranks. At the age of fourteen she became a co-leader of the TENBU, alongside Kaori and Altin.

Known for her inability to use any cloning Jutsu, Genji was forced to substitute the lack of this ability for the ability to use more devastaing jutsu, such as the Mind Shatter and Chakra Consumation Jutsu. She has earned a reputation throughout the Asean nations as a skilled and merciless killer.
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