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 Altin Tepe

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Character Info.
Name: Shuuhei
Race: Kishin
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PostSubject: Altin Tepe   Sat Jun 09, 2007 7:53 pm

---------((As Altin))-----------
Born Guan Yi, Altin grew up as a shinobi in the Jade Empire, but left at thirteen to find more...fun things. Never one for violence, Altin has been mistaken for a weakling, but he is in fact one of the legendary Senin of warlord. His skills with magic and ability to also use Jutsu make him a dangerous foe. He is very skilled with weapons, able to match even Sethra.

Fearless in battle, he earned the nickname "ShuuYu,' which means God-Like Courage in Asean. Always seen with a look of grief on his face after a battle, he has also been called Mourning Mist. Mist for his ability to vanish like the morning mist.

Upon his nineteenth birthday Altin assumed the Yu throne and began the restoration of the Yu Empire. He has proven himself a more than capable ruler on many occasions, even risking his life to stop a fellow TENBU from burning Anshu.

-----------((As a TENBU))-------

Lord Kagewaki, Altin's TENBU name, joined the organization shortly after leaveing the Jade Empire the first time. His cold and malicious aura earned him many promotions in the TENBU ranks, until the day he became co-leader alongside Kaori and Genji. Kagewaki was known for his ability to kill hundreds of men with a single Jutsu and his willingness to do so for fun.

Kagewaki never held any compassion for the people of the Jade Empire or the Yu empire, but seemed to be very fond of the psychotic Djehuti. It is believed that Kagewaki, Genji and Kaori are merely servants to a darker and more powerful person, though the truth of this is known only to them.

::Darkness...never dies.::
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Altin Tepe
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