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Character Info.
Name: Braal
Age: unknown

PostSubject: Braal   Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:53 am

Name: Braal
Race: Prime Demon (other)
Age: 16 000
Titles: Lord of Chaos, King of Barbaras, King of Asha'man.

Braal is son of the Lord of Destruction (Baal) and of Urila, the Queen of Ice. She died when he was still a child and his father abandoned him in a forest in his grief, being unable to tend to him anymore. He was pitied and raised by the wood elves until he got 20. At that age, he started to travel across the lands: he was trying to seek answers to his questions. After he spent a hundred years to travel, he discovered that he was still looking young and that brought people to question about him. It was at that time that Braal discovered that he had an extremely long life ahead of him. People started to believe that he was immortal but it isn't the case because he can die as ny mortals from wounds. He spent another hundred years in wilderness. At 200 years old, he met Men and started to assist them in their wars against the demons. It was in the fourth war he fought that he discovered his 'gift'. From that point, people thought he was a sorcerer and gave him great respect.
At 250, Braal was a wise man and his advises were highly recommanded by any mortals. By that time, he was skilled with the sword. His enemies feared to approach him because they knew that death awaited them.

Braal spent the next fifty years of his life among Men, fighting sometimes to protect the kingdom. As he got 300, people were dealing the greatest of all the demons they ever fought in their lives. That demon was known as the Destruction and he slew all the champions around him. In their despair, Men called upon Braal for help. He came to rescue them. It was at that moment that the Destruction recognized him. Braal commanded him to leave those poor mortals alone if he wanted to depart these lands alive. The creature cast a glance at him and nodded in approval before to leave the kingdom. Men buried their dead companions, tend to the wounded ones but by the time they were done, Braal was gone. He was hunting the famous demon and found him in the Dungeon of the Worldstone. The beast wasn't alone: it's brothers were there to protect the demon. Braal told him that he was there to bring the demon to justice for his crimes. The man-like beast laughed evilly before to tell him that he ignored to whom he was talking. Braal asked several questions and got answers to them. The creature told him that its brothers and her were known as the Three, that they were Prime Demons, the worst that ever walked the Earth and that its name was Baal. He asked Braal his age. He told him that he was 300 years old. It surprised the demon for a short while but as he scrutinized Braal with great attention, he noticed that there were similiarities between them. It was at that moment that Baal told him that he was Lord of Destruction and that he had a child with a dead Prime Demon called Urila before to reveal him that he lived for several millennia. Braal was astonished to learn it and he asked him if he was immortal. The Prime Demon told him that he had an extremely long life but that he wasn't immortal. Braal was going to kill them but he never delivered the blows. Instead, he left the place and went to a temple to read the ancient texts that were held in that place. He learned a lot about the Three but there was nothing written about the famous child that Baal spoke about. He also read the story of Urila, the Queen of Ice who was wisest upon all her kindred.

Braal left that place and wandered again in the world. Demons were trying to kill him but he destroyed them all. He had crossed a great distance and found another realm of Men. He helped them as he did with the previous one and discovered that their king was a tyran. He killed him without hesitation and asked to the men who they were willing to see on the throne. Surprisingly, they have chosen him. Braal was both taken aback and honored of that choice. He ruled them for over two millennia. He brought to these men hope and delivrance from darkness, ignoring who he really was. People always spoke of him openly, having no fear, calling him the 'saviour'. One day, a man worthy to take the throne was born in the realm. Once he was older enough to rule the kingdom, Braal gave him the throne and bid him good luck. He then said farewell to the Men, telling them that he had a longely Quest to fulfill. None followed him and he left through darkness of the night. Braal wandered for four millennia. All the people knew him as a great Lord of Men and one day, he learned that the Destruction was menacing a realm of Barbarians. Braal decided to take the battle over himself and he went to meet with the Destruction. Here, he fought the demon, using his 'gift' sometimes to protect him against that creature. Baal was afraid to fight him and his brothers died for him. The demon was going to flee but Braal grabbed him. As Baal's gaze bored in his, he knew that his doom was sealed. But at this moment, he called Braal Lord of Chaos and disclosed to him that he had slain his two uncles. Braal was shocked to learn it. Baal also begged him to spare his life. Braal asked him why and Baal told him that he was his father. At that moment, he had pitied for Baal and he let him go, releasing his grip on him. Baal fled and he never heard again about him.

Braal decided that it was time to shake things and to unearth the whole truth. He returned to the forest where he spent his childhood and demanded the wood elves to tell him who he really was because of his second encounter with the Lord of Destruction. They told him that he murdered the Lord of Terror and the Lord of Hatred, his uncles. They also told him that he was a Prime Demon. Braal didn't believe them first. They told him what had happened the day they took him on their threshold and everything became clear in his mind. He then asked them if it was real that he was Lord of Chaos and nodded gravely. It was from that moment that Braal knew the truth about him and he hated Baal for what he had done in the past. Braal decided that he would continue to wander in the world to continue to discover the lands that maybe he'll find something new. He left the forest once again and people didn't see for eight millennia. Braal had fought his way through the world in secret and made it a safe place for humans despite of his true nature. He spreaded Chaos upon evil men and fell beasts. He spent the fifteenth millennia of his life to travel and met a woman with whom he fell in love but she was killed in battle. He moaned her. He went to a graveyard when he buried her. Once it was done, he tried to find her murderer to avenge her. He did and killed the man cold-bloodedly. After, he continued to travel and met the Phoenix Elyssan. They went together to Nox Aula where he met with the great Empress Lucia Magus and he became friend of her. She made him King of Barbaras and he organized the lands to rule them. He then decided to annex Asha'man and for that, he asked permission to Lucia. She agreed and he became also King of Asha'man but soon before he left for his conquest, Baal popped up again and after a long speech with Braal, the Destruction declared him open war before to leave Braal's lands. That happen in his 16 000 years. He conquered Asha'man and ruled his lands with the aid of his four mortal servants: Lucy, Sharky, Sean and Loreleď. They are his followers and would never fail him because they have sworn allegiance to him. Braal always appears as a man but he's a Prime Demon and almost never switched in his real form because he loves Men and is friend of the elves, having kept in touch with them. Braal is loyal to his friends and if he can help those who are still friends of Lucia, he will as long as it's possible for him to do it because to his heart, friends are never forgotten.
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