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 Tower of Wayreth

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PostSubject: Tower of Wayreth   Thu Dec 27, 2007 8:00 pm

~Standing for over three thousand years, the Tower of Wayreth has guarded the Western seas for untold ages. It serves as the school for those mages called "Red Robes," or those who are neither good nor evil. The tower is immense, massive, a mighty fortress. Yet, due to its unusual design, seems a work of gods, not humans.
The tower is formidable in appearance, rising some one thousand feet in the air, surrounded on all sides by a four feet thick black wall. The tower has never fallen to any force, nor has it ever been penetrated by any force in the world. An outer curtain of stone forms the base, an octagonal base, and bears no gate to enter. Each point of the octagon is guarded by large turrets. Battlements run along the walls between the turrets, though unused since their creation. An inner octagonal wall, formed by ancient stones harvested from the valleys of Par-Salian, forms the base of eight smaller towers, that circle the central, taller tower.
The tower’s immense shape and might has been noted in many past battles, though its masters have fallen to inner strife, it has never suffered. And now, in this new age of the Infinite Gods, it stands as the most fortified and oldest of the old world creations. Under the guidance of its new master, Dalamar the dark, the tower’s once unused battlements have been readied for any army thta might dare to attempt capturing its legendary treasures.~
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Tower of Wayreth
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