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 Illuminati; The Condemner Brings the End

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Character Info.
Name: Vetra
Race: Dhole
Age: unknown

PostSubject: Illuminati; The Condemner Brings the End   Fri Jun 08, 2007 9:00 pm

~Thousands had gathered within the Arc De Genesis, by order of the Grand Master, to speak upon the current attacks by CoV. At their head Vetra Capella stares at her followers, a look of disdain on her lovely face.~

"Presenting, The Lady Vetra Capella!" ~Magister Berkkin announces as Vetra steps forth.~

"ILLUMINATI! You claim to seek knowledge, and to bring man's destiny into his hands, but you are no more than pretenders. You act a part to show a facade of strength, but you are merely children. Children looking to impress their friends and family. Such a disgusting display of dishonor. You have dishonored the name Illuminati. You have dishonored the ancient Masters; men who gave their lives to ensure that man has rule over his own life. You make me sick."

~Vetra raises her arm and points to the crowd.~

"i have been called 'the Condemner' in the past. And today, I pass Judgement upon you all."

~A fluid-like fire folds around Vetra's arm as she stares at the crowd.~

"I condemn you to Oblivion!"

~Vetra throws the energy into the sky, parting the clouds as it explodes.~

"Rise, Shiva! Gemm Dras Ymm!"

~A blue light seems to float from the clouds, slowly taking the shape of a woman of ice. A light glow emits from her as she gazes at the Illuminati with deep, ancient eyes. Without a show of emotion, the woman lifts her hand and unleashes a blast of ice into the crowd, freezing all of the people.~

"Now an eternity of torment is all you have. And after countless ages of nothing, you will pray for a death that will never come. All you will have is fear--fear and darkness."

~Vetra turns from the Illuminati, vanishing, alongside the summon, into the night.~

Death comes to all, regardless of fame, why not now?
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Illuminati; The Condemner Brings the End
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