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 Shannon Lucia Magus

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Character Info.
Name: Shannon Lucia Magus
Race: Unknown
Age: Incalculable

PostSubject: Shannon Lucia Magus   Tue Dec 18, 2007 7:54 pm

Name: Shannon Lucia Magus
Aka: Lucia Magus

Nickname: Legacy

Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'5''
Birthplace: Nibelheim
Birthdate: Azzar 5 (April 5)
Blood Type: O

Calm and collected, Shannon is one the most dangerous warriors alive. Wife of Vincent, she has long acted as different people, in order to help in the search for Cerberus. A member of Highwind, she and Vincent met in the rebel organization, married, and birthed two children: Cetra (named for Sethra) and Jenna (named for Jenova).

Disabilities: Right Arm
Disabilty Description: Shannon's right arm suffered from a gunshot that damaged one of the core nerves, making it react slower than normal.

Ailments: Mako Cancer
Ailment Info.: When a person is exposed to excessive amounts of Mako ((the earth's life force)) they can become dependent upon it to live a single day. As a child, Shannon was caught in an explosion that exposed her to ten times the acceptable limit of Mako. Now she must daily give herself injections to live.

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Shannon Lucia Magus
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