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 The Era of Teliscan Rule

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PostSubject: The Era of Teliscan Rule   Thu Nov 22, 2007 8:15 pm

::Jynx kneels before the High Templar, reciting the ancient oath as he places the Crown of Atlas on her head.::

"For the good of Rhomaria, the people, and the world, I do solemnly swear to uphold those rights and laws established by Alexander I, first King of Rhomaria, Son of Radon the Slayer of Demons, Son of Tresnac the White Sorceress. It is my duty, from now until death come, to guide, listen, and respect those who fall under my Rule."

::Jynx rises from her knee, turning to the gathered people.::

"I am Jynx Lancaster, daughter of Shannon, sister of Darek. I am the Sun Queen, guardian of the Rhomarian Empire, and i so swear to govern for the good of all."

::The Templar nods his head, acknowledging her as Empress.::

"Lord Templar, I would like to ask of the Laws regarding the outlawing of a religion in this realm?"

::The templar nods, heading off to the Library, to fetch the books his Empress has asked for.::

"With love that would overflow, cover me gently - Let me have eternal sleep.I can't see you..." - The Last Words of Yae Kurosawa
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The Era of Teliscan Rule
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