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 Taking It To Shadow

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Character Info.
Name: Lucien Magus
Race: Espadryn
Age: 24

PostSubject: Taking It To Shadow   Sun Nov 18, 2007 5:40 pm

::Lucien, wearing his usual clothes; a simple tunic, silk pants, and his Felinus Shoes, leads ten thousand men into the Capital of Dartrang, his orders simple enough, KoTeS wants the city gone. He scans the horizon, noting the hundreds of men on the city walls, catapults on the towers at each end, trebuchet lined up behind a massive trench. The smell of oil covers the air, betraying the fact that the enemy had rigged the entire area, this side of the trench, to burn. Behind him, their armor a ruddy red, holding spears of steel, swords of adaman, and bows, fitted with hellstone arrows, his men fidget around in anticipation.
To his left, his mother, clad in the strange brown-black armor of the harbinger, her face hidden behind that Demon's-Head helm, is radiating pleasure from the future slaughter that will come of this battle. On his right, wearing that forsaken armor of the Shehad, standing nearly twelve feet tall, Gregori pats his gigantic hammer, smiling that berserker's smile. Like a small child compared to her mate, Rizen rests on Gregori's right shoulder, her pink and blue wings sparkling in the light. Her cheeks are stained with the blood of the enemy scouting parties, she and Gregori had taken out earlier.
Overhead, clouds have already filled the sky, forecasting rain. The winds are blowing heavily on the troops, but none move, whether out of the joy of slaughtering enemies, or fear of the Magus Family and their Guardian, it is not obvious.
Lucien smiles, strapping on his bronze armor. He ties the straps, making sure they will stay if he need move quickly. He lifts his helm from the saddle, placing it over his red hair, obscuring his golden eyes from view.
He lifts his blade above his head, smiling underneath his helm. In one fluid motion, he brings the sword down, signalling the charge, and urges his own mount forward, followed by his mother, and Gregori, who has merely to walk to keep up witht he war horses.
Like a flood, the armies crash upon the walls, mages nullifying the flames, sparked by the fire-arrows of Dartrang. Gregori's mighty hands reach above the walls, pulling man after man down to his death, while Rizen lights the men like candles with her magics. Lucien, meanwhile, followed by Lucia, begins to ascend a sige ladder. Above, men are too occupied with Rizen, her hundreds of shades now raining flames down on them. Lucien rushes up the ladder, reaching the top within seconds, and running to the nearest group, his blade tearing through the captain's chest, causing his blood to splatter all across his men's faces. Lucien spins, his blade severing the neck of another, while his fist meets the jaw of yet another. From behind him, a blast of black energy cathces one in the chest, shot by Lucia at a soldier who had almost caught him from behind.
Lucien nods his thanks, driving his blade through the face of another. Below, a loud cracking sound fills the air, as Gregori, with little effort, rips the gate from its hinges.::

"There is nothing either good or evil,
but thinking makes it so."
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Character Info.
Name: Braal
Age: unknown

PostSubject: Re: Taking It To Shadow   Sun Nov 18, 2007 8:25 pm

~A lone traveler who appeared to travel on the lands, clad in black with his head hidden by his heavy dark hood glared at the scene unfolding before his own very eyes. As he saw it, his lips curled into a wicked grin.~

''Ah! It's always good to see some destruction though I'm not the author.''

~Would think that traveler as he resumed watching the war from what he deemed to be a safe spot.~

I'll see you in the Sanctuary of Chaos.
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Taking It To Shadow
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