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 To The Leaders of the World

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PostSubject: To The Leaders of the World   Sat Nov 17, 2007 7:58 pm

::A sweet voice carries on the winds, heard by those who lead this world. Rising from the being, creator of all life.::

Stars used to shine in your sky, leaves grew on your trees, birds sang in your windows, yet you destroyed it all. You have covered the land in a bloody shroud and caused the sky to burn with the glow of death. You have sapped the very Fundament and allowed Chaos to encroach, entwining the World of Argentum in its tentacles.

::In the heads of the leaders, pain rages, tearing at them.::

For your failure, I shall unbind the ties that have held the chaos back. I release it back into the world.

::All over Argentum, the sky seems to change, becoming blue, clear, and normal. The grass, changing to a deep green, no longer emits a sweet scent, but rather no scent at all.::

Welcome, to the new world.
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To The Leaders of the World
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