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 Empress Augusta Vradica

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Character Info.
Name: Empress Augusta Vradica
Race: Methuselah
Age: ?

PostSubject: Empress Augusta Vradica   Thu Nov 15, 2007 10:11 am

Daughter of the Earl of Cartago and Countess of Memphis, Augusta came of age, studying under the greatest teachers Rhomaria could offer, and learning war-time tactics, diplomacy, and even the martial arts with great ease. As such, it was an easy choice by the republic to name her Empress, after the forced abdication of Savonrola's throne.
Augusta, though only Empress for Two years, has already revived Rhomaria's economy and military, restoring its place as the leading Superpower. Her policies, which place learning and the economy, as well as equality, above all else, have ended Rhomaria's era of poverty-stricken peasants.
Augusta has a great dislike of Aria, her parents having been slaughtered by them during the Wars. It was for this reason that Augusta became a Commander, which is the only reason she was able to be chosen as Empress. Her prowess in battle, winning back both Cartago and Memphis, was made known when she led a force into Ulaine, and ended the Aria uprising, and the Vampire regime.
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Empress Augusta Vradica
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