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 Alnwick Castle

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Name: Sahugani Govannon
Race: Unknown
Age: unknown

PostSubject: Alnwick Castle   Tue Nov 13, 2007 8:59 pm

::He, who sits atop the Black Throne, ever sleeping, caught between worlds, bound by the chains of heavens' wraths, who eternal is cursed to be whole, stirs. Eyes, blue as the coldest steel, open, looking at the ruins, covered by the webs of thousands of spiders, of his once marvelous castle, now abandoned even by those who worshipped him as a god. Empty, save for the skeletons of the slain who refused to abandone their god-king, is his home, and his breathing does echo in the Chamber of Fate.
Stand, does he, from the throne, then to the door he walks, his armor, stiff, seems heavier than it was so long ago, and his mind, plagued by desires of power in times of aold, is clear and once more he is Sahugani Govannon.
From a cask, he breaks the nozzle, lifting a web-covered cup to drink from the centuries old beers inside. He smiles, warmed by the drink, his former strength returning, and armor becoming less heavy. He lifts a gauntled hand, the palace, becoming as new, shines as a beacon of horror on the Valadyrian Sky.::

"I, who named, who conquered, who ruled, who claimed the Seal, who perished, have returned to you. Child, for whom I gave all, come to my hand, bend, my will is your guide. Reborn, am I, in a new Age. Rise, Sister of the Shadowed One."

::He lowers his hand, knowing his words would pierce even the veils of the realms, calling to her, his servant, his right hand, and to him, his left hand, who, called the Jack of Blades, and the Briar Rose, would come to his side without hesitation, who had ensured that the chains would break, that the gods would perish in their own petty squabbles. He smiles his wolf's smiles, retaking his place on the Black Throne, again on his head, the crown of shadows.::

Restored is the King.
Bound by fate,
He who returneth not.
Lust, which he cannot sate.
Returneth to the Throne,
Rule, by one,
and one Alone.

-- Epitaph of the Sleeping

no mercy for the weak
no pity for the dying
no tears for the slain
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Alnwick Castle
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