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 Sight Not Seen

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Character Info.
Name: Shannon Lucia Magus
Race: Unknown
Age: Incalculable

PostSubject: Sight Not Seen   Thu Nov 08, 2007 6:39 pm

~As smoke rises from the capital of Valadyr, thousands of Arcosian Ships come into view, flying the banner of the Tarkin Par-iRap, and she stands on the bow of the foremost ship, clad in her Harbinger's Armor.
The fore most ship, with a wave of Lucia's hand, fires the first cannon volley, acusing the earth beneath the feet of the rear legion of Dravidia's army to explaode in a hailstorm of molten rock and metal.
Second and third vollies fly from the ships all around Lucia, killing more and more of the Dravidian Legions.~

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Sight Not Seen
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