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 Isle of the Dragon King

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PostSubject: Isle of the Dragon King   Wed Nov 07, 2007 7:03 pm

::The island is massive, even by the standards of dragons, and about its top fly hundreds of the winged lizards. Stadning in the central caves, three human-looking beings argue incessantly.~

"This is not a question of deserving! It is a question of whether humans are right for our people!" ~A gold clad woman yells at the other two.~

"NO! The humans have once again slain one of our ilk! They are just as dark as they were during the burning times! Humans are not worthy of our guidance!" ~A man in red adds.~

"Alhana, Rorek, we are not here to judge the Humes. Ours is the task of Guding them into the future, given us by the Lord of All Dragons Himself. If humans slay our kind, then we shall take one of theirs. If they slay more, then so shall we. I will go to this Nation where Dora was slain, and I will demand the life of one of the people...if the Empress does not comply, then you can do whatever you wish."

~Gryddius orders, quieting the other two. He shifts to his dragon form, though one smaller than he acutally is, and launches himself into the air.~
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Isle of the Dragon King
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