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 Simple Bestiary of Warlord

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PostSubject: Simple Bestiary of Warlord   Fri Oct 26, 2007 2:22 pm


When the range of the werewolf spread into the Southern Plains of Baria, they were forced to adapt to their new habitat, standing on two legs to better see across the vast Savannah.
Their thin silver-blue fur breathes well and retains moisture, perfectly accommodating for the dramatic change between day and night. Though, unlike werewolves, they do not travel in packs, individuals are clearly ranked, and the weak always follow the strong.
As of the late era of Harad, many Zaghnals are being hired as Soldiers, and some as Generals. Their brute strength, which is more than a match for a werewolf or aria, and high intelligence make them great soldiers.

A breed of werewolf that if found in the highest mountain ranges of North Rhomaria and West Dravidia. They are often worshipped by the tribes that live in these regions, believed to be the Nature-Gods who rule the ranges.

One of the more dangerous breeds of werewolf, found in the western ranges of Valadyr and the Jade Empire. It is known to have a very vicious temperament, and will attack anyone who invades its territory. Like humans, and somewhat like their cousins, the Humbaba tend to have small families, in which they live, and often mate with other small families, even inter-breeding with the Yeti.

The story of this strange man-like creature began, it is said, when a group of bandits ate the corrupted flesh of a wolf, becoming infected and changing form. Indeed, like the wolf, these afflicted beings are known to feed on rotting, and rare meat. As carrion-feeders, they have very strong immune systems, and cannot be harmed by any known poisons, or afflictions.
*Note* It is believed that ancient people mistook the Lycans for this beast, when in animal form, and began to spread the name “Werewolf” for those afflicted with lycanthropy.*Note*



A legendary bird of Eastern-Harad, they are known to have golden feathers that glow with a strange light. Though only seen at dawn or dusk, this bird is very famous and very valuable, if ever captured.

A legendary black and white bird, found only in Valadyr. Long has this bird’s image been used as a crest for Valadyr. Once thought to be a wind spirit, it became the focus of many religions in the human nations.

Strangely, this beast is more closely related to Dragons than to Avions. It is normally found lurking in the mountains of Barbaras, but has often been spotted in the plains of Valadyr and even in Rhomaria’s Southern Forests.

An extremely rare Avion, whose territory remains unknown, but is believed to be around the Isle of Kelchor. A very difficult Avion to spot, this beast’s fur adapts to its surroundings in mere moments, almost making it invisible to the eye. Though its razor sharp talons and beak seem made for tearing flesh, this bird is strictly an herbivore.

The rarest of all Avions. Though it is actually only an inferior breed of Avion, born with many defects, the Aeros is quite possibly the most beautiful of its race. The feathers on its back are a brilliant shade of gold, while its under-wings are a shade of light blue, and its stomach is colored silver. The only way to know if one is around, is by a strange mist-like fog that precedes these majestic beasts. Seeing one is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and to see one twice is nothing short of a miracle, as they live only 127 days.



Happy Bunny-
A fiendish creature, native to the dream world, that has taken on the form of a bunny-like creature. It is often found in the Rhomarian Plains, and is considered good luck. Featuring feather-like ears of gold bases and red tips, it is easily noticed among the green grasses.

A dreamhare with a body the color of ripe red fruit, and silken hair white as snow. Though of a warm, personable nature, they are very wary of predators approaching from the rear, and turn to attack at the merest hint of danger. Their feather-like ears are highly sensitive to movements in the air, detecting the slightest stirrings caused by the approach of predators. Believed to be a symbol of joy, it is widely believed that anyone who sees a Wyrdhare are destined to live a long, happy life.

Vorpal Bunny-
Being a dreamhare possessing a distinctive dark-furred body and feathered ears. Unlike its fellow dreamhares, this breed has four feather-like ears, of greens, teals, and blues, instead of two. Its large white tail contains a very potent oil, used for centuries as an ingredient in Nandhi’s Potion. It is understandably quite weary of man, and therefore is very difficult to catch.



A great sandfish, found only in the Sandseas of Harad. Though not full-grown, once matured it will change into a Bull Yensa. Their outer scales are colored gold, while their fins, and under-scales are a light teal color. They are extremely rare, and their scales fetch a very high price, although hunting them is punishable by death.

A dangerous fish, found in many lakes, rivers, streams, indeed all types of water bodies. Its coloring often fools people into believing that it is the less aggressive Ose, which is a dangerous mistake, as they can devour a full-grown dragon in less than forty seconds.

A very calm, peaceable fish, found in the streams of Rhomaria. They are often kept as pets by people, since they require very little care, and will remain in a small area for their entire lives. They often swim close-by people, and are never cautious. The only way to tell an Ose from a Piranha is the light golden color of their rear fins.

A common breed of Icthon, found in Valadyr. Though carnivorous, it rarely attacks living creatures, preferring to feast on Piranha. It is easily identifiable by its brown-striped hide.

A very docile fish, found in the streams around the “Waters’ Source” in Valadyr. They come in all colors, and are easily recognized from other fish, due to their large dorsal fin. They only feed on planktons, and algae, and are sociable creatures.



An extremely rare feline breed. This cat features a jet black coat, with yellow eyes, and very sharp fangs.

A breed of feline, featuring white fur and icy blue eyes. Found mainly in The Mountains of Arwendyr, this feline is a very rare sight to behold.

A strange cat-like creature, found in the region around the Crater of Souls. Thought to be a breed of Panther, mutated by the explosion of magi cite, this beast is very dangerous.

A feline with deep green fur, with a white geometrical pattern of great beauty thereupon. They are normally found in forests and jungles, but often venture into the plains in search of food. They are genuinely calm beasts, but will attack anything they perceive as a threat.

A feline, colored green, much like the mountainous vegetation of its home. It is easily recognizable by its long whiskers and tail, the tips of which are colored a ruddy-red.

An extremely rare feline breed, growing to nearly seven times the size of a panther, living mainly in the Frozen North. Colored a dull tan, they have extremely ornate gold markings all over their bodies, and their manes feature amazing blends of color, making them seem like crowns. They are very violent beasts, and are very easily provoked, often attacking anything that they cross.



A special breed of Avion, given its own genus and species. It is very rare, and is only found in the “Clouds,” a village of mountain dwellers. It is more a raptor-bird than Avion, hence the reason it is given its own genus and species. They are often made pact-partners of the Cloud People.

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Simple Bestiary of Warlord
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