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 ::Accepting New Literature::

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Name: Shuuen Kurosawa
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PostSubject: ::Accepting New Literature::   Wed Oct 17, 2007 11:58 am

Have poems you want to share? Have myths, Legends, or stories to tell? Have lyrics for a song? If you wish to share any kind of literature, be they real world wiccan magics, religious texts, or even fantasy sories, we want to share them with all of our members. All you have to do is post them here.

The Rules Are as Follows:

1. Material cannot contain pornographic imagery, racist themes, religious discrimination, or slander towards any real life people, culture, or nations.

2. Spell check your work before posting it. We will delete material that has more than twenty spelling errors.

3. Do NOT post any loli stories here. ((Those of you who know what these are understand why I won't allow them)) You will be banned, IP and all, for the rest of time.

4. Keep cursing to a minimum. This is not a rule, but a request. We have members who are underage, and should not be subjected to certain words ((by this, I mean Leonard...MY SON))

5. We also accept legends about items, weapons, armor, etc...

6. Do not try to spread your religion here. If your religious posts say "God is OUR savior" or "The Goddess is the One True..." or even "Satan is King" or so on, they will be deleted and you will be banned for 2 months. We are a multi-religious community and do not appreciate such acts.

7. *I cannot stress this enough* NO RACIST MATERIAL!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who posts racism, even if it is in a joking fashion, or not meant to be serious, will be banned permanently, and have their account deleted. Anyone else who voices anger about said person being banned, will also be banned. We admins take racism very very very seriously.

8. The above rules are Concrete. They will never change, ever. This is final.

"With love that would overflow, cover me gently - Let me have eternal sleep.I can't see you..." - The Last Words of Yae Kurosawa
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::Accepting New Literature::
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