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 Mercenaery For Hire

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Name: Shuuen Kurosawa
Race: Kishin
Age: 24

PostSubject: Mercenaery For Hire   Tue Oct 09, 2007 11:56 am

Those who need jobs completed...with "finesse" or in a manner less than noble. Those who wis hto settle old scores, without endangering themselves. Those who have need of a guard, a guide, or a soldier or general. Those who have the finances to seek such a person, may now call upon me.

Pm me your need, and your offer, and I will consider it.

I am Jynx the Fallen, Senior Brother of the Mercenary Brotherhood, and i am willing to take on jobs to further the finances of my Guild.

"With love that would overflow, cover me gently - Let me have eternal sleep.I can't see you..." - The Last Words of Yae Kurosawa
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Mercenaery For Hire
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