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 Jynx And Lucia; Tomans to the End

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PostSubject: Jynx And Lucia; Tomans to the End   Sat Oct 06, 2007 9:05 pm

Jynx was born only four years after Lucia, but was almost as powerful as her "sister." Both women trained with the dragons, since Jynx was part Toman, part dragon. Unlike Lucia, Jynx left the island at age ten, spirited away by her family to Asha'Man.

In her homeland, Jynx faced great ridicule for being Toman, a race associated with the Aes Sedai ((demonic Toman Mages who were wiped out by their fellow Tomans)). Jynx was forced to flee again after being attacked by a group of Uren Children and adults, who branded her with the tattoo of 'The Marked' and burned down her home, killing her entire family.

((This is all Jynx has ever allowed anyone to know. She keeps the rest Secret.))
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Jynx And Lucia; Tomans to the End
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