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 `Protecting the Realm'

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PostSubject: `Protecting the Realm'   Sat Oct 06, 2007 9:00 pm

~Jynx lifts the glass to her lips, sipping the wine therein. She smiles through the glass at the innkeeper, who shudders in fear.~

So...Tomans are still unwelcome in Asha'Man...I'll have to keep my powers a secret then.

~Jynx sets the glass on the table, lifting her knife to cut the venison. She tastes the foul meat, then tossess it aside, noting that it was well beyond its time. She turns away from the others, facing the door, and the guards who had been watching her for a long time.~

"Mind not staring so much?"

~She laughs gently as the guards jump in surprise.~

"It can be very rude."

~The first guard nods, rushing out the door, while the second merely turns his head away. Jynx turns back, sipping at her wine. She stares a tthe mark on her hand, remembering the day she recieved it. Her mind flashes back to the Uren children, beating her with sticks, and crying out 'Filthy Toman Whore!,' her eyes begin to water, remembering even the face of her then lover marked with the joy of torturing a Toman.~

"Damn...Fucking Uren."

~Jynx whispers, smashing her glass by accident. She pulls her gloves back into place, calling for another glass.~
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PostSubject: Re: `Protecting the Realm'   Thu Oct 18, 2007 9:00 am

~The guards suddenly opened the door and a woman clad in dark armor went through the entrance. They closed the gate behind her, returning to their posts and she went to the counter. The innkeeper glare at her in genuine fear.~

''Give me a glass of wine.''

~Would order the woman coldly. The innkeeper obeyed her immediately, pouring her a glass before handing it to her.~

''Thank you very much.''

~Would say the lady as she took it from his outstretched hand before to give him money. She sipped her glass while glaring at the mark on her right wrist. She sighed deeply before turning her attention on Jyns.~

''Welcome to Asha'man. I'm Loreileď, one of the two left in charge by the ruler of these lands. Since he's a friend of Lucia Magus, all people from her race are welcome by His Chaotic Highness.''

~Would say the woman quietly. She then turned her attention to the innkeeper.~

''You owe Him debts for you didn't pay the impots for two months.''

~Would declare Loreileď harshly.~

''Forgive me, Lady Loreileď, I don't want to own His wrath... here it is. I hope it'll be enough for it's all I have.''

~Would reply the innkeeper as he handed her a bag full of gold pieces. The woman took it and shoved it into a pouch.~

''It'll be enough and I'll forgive you for this time. After all, the Master won't be angry after you if you paid your monthly debt.''

~Would reply Loreileď as her tone softened. She returned her attention back to Jynx.~

''I'm sorry if you've seen this scene. I'm only serving my Lord as best as possible.''

~Would apologize Loreileď before taking another sip from her glass as the innkeeper served another glass to Jynx.~

I'll see you in the Sanctuary of Chaos.
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`Protecting the Realm'
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