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 Dhulyn Wolfsbane

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PostSubject: Dhulyn Wolfsbane   Fri Oct 05, 2007 9:04 pm

Actual Name: Dhulyn Clarys
Status: Marquis of Anatolia (Valadyrian City in the South)
Rank: General of the 2nd Legion

Weapon: None

A native of Valar Idrir, Dhulyn joined the military at an exremely young age, under command of, then King, Govannon. Dhulyn was especially skilled in the art of strategy, and excelled in the battles against Harad. His studies among the Djehuti also made him their worst enemy, seeing as he knew everything about them.

Dhulyn was wounded during battle at Goth, his chest pierced by a Spear, and was sent back to Valadyr, where he became the Chief Military Advisor for Govannon. Under his guidance, Valadyr's border's expanded into Tarsinnia, Scion, and Buer, making it the nation it is today.

After the death of Govannon, Dhulyn fell out of favor with Darius, and was sent off to Anatolia as Marquis. Though it was an act, used to get hiim far from the capital, Dhulyn restored Anatolia to its former glory, and built a considerable force. With this force, Dhulyn marched on Valar Idrir and slew the corrupt King, reclaiming the city for the people.

His first act as Liberator was to name the Senators for teh new Republic. This was unheard of at the time, since msot men would have taken the throne, and proved to further his fame among his people.

Since, Dhulyn has returned to Anatolia, where he awaits the call of the New King, and his chance to serve his homeland once again. Dhulyn, always ready to fight for his people, is a legend among the people.
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Dhulyn Wolfsbane
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