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 For LOTR's Maniacs

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PostSubject: For LOTR's Maniacs   Sat Jul 21, 2007 6:01 pm

A teenager was standing in the forest, in Wilderness with no memory about his past. The only thing he knew was that his name was Maxim. He also knew about swordplay. It was somehow an inner skill that he always had and couldn't explain why. These lands were of Middle-Earth and he could feel a great menace present in this world because of the Dark Lord in Mordor and knew nothing about him. Maxim was completely dressed in black just like the Nazgűls. It hids his black shoulder-length hairs and his dark brown eyes in the shadows of his hood. As Maxim walked through woods, he was playing with his long sword's handle as he was searching for the road. He had only few lembas and water as supplies with him which were gifts from the remaining elves, the rest was gone to Valinor, the realm of the Valar but this, the teenager ignored it. He continued to walk. He was alone and only the sound of his iron boots echoed on the ground. He had no idea about where he was exactly as he continued to wander in the countryside.
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For LOTR's Maniacs
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