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PostSubject: Auron   Wed Sep 26, 2007 9:03 am

Name: Auron
Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Class: Fighter

Masamune - A legendary blade, wielded by Auron during the Arregnum.

Banishing Blade - A ferocious Ultima that deals trememndous area damage to anyone in its range. It is one of three Ultimas (Scar of the Setting Sun, Overdrive, and Banishing Blade) that are all that is left of the ancient magics.

Auron is a legend among the people of Galtea (Argentum, Imperium, Endless, and Requiem). Over nine hundred years ago, he helped to defeat "The Darkness" summoned by Govannon. He has since travelled Argentum, living as he wished.
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